I’m a medical publishing and health communications professional with more than 20 years of experience. Since 2002, I’ve been an independent editor and proofreader.

I’ve worked in-house as a project manager at an international medical publishing company and in a health communications environment, on projects with a broad range of complexity and diversity:

  • Medical texts—single volume and multivolume, in many medical and nursing disciplines and allied health fields
  • Ancillary products, including instructors’ manuals and student resources
  • Online ancillary resources such as lesson plans and test banks
  • Test preparation materials for board examinations
  • Medical journal articles
  • Pharmaceutical monographs and backgrounders
  • Project proposals
  • Slide decks and flashcards
  • Training and coaching materials
  • Meeting and workshop materials

I’m a copy editor, line editor, proofreader, fact-checker, rewriter, reference editor—whatever you, your end client or audience, and the project require. With attention to detail, precision, and focus, I make sure that the product—whether as short as a draft outline or letter, as large as a series of training modules and complete materials for a product launch, or as complex as a 4000-page medical text or reference with hundreds of illustrations—is clean and consistent, and polished and professional. I can edit copy in its early stages before layout to ensure that later stages run smoothly, or I can perform a final proofread before the end product goes out the door to the client. I like to be that on-call “extra pair of eyes,” ensuring that projects are error free. Because I work on a freelance basis, my schedule is nimble. I can be available for quick turnaround when deadlines are suddenly tight and the pressure is on.

If you’d like to see a list of recent projects, please drop me a line and I’ll send you a resume.